Having the right tools is one thing, but knowing how and where to use them is another. Let our food industry consultants help find the biggest opportunities for savings in your operation.

Solution Benefits

Improve Feed Conversion

All feed is not created equal, and how well feed converts affects your growing costs. By closely monitoring and managing the growing process, FarmLynk users have benefited from an improvement in feed conversion that translates to a savings in feed costs of almost 4%.

Increase Livability

By carefully monitoring and managing the incubation, hatching and growing environment and ensuring optimal conditions, you’ll see a significant increase in your bird livability, meaning more of your eggs will make it all the way through to the consumers table.

Bird Size Standardization

Having a consistent bird size will enable you to optimize the efficiency of your processing facility. FarmLynk collects information on how your birds are growing, giving you the tools you need to grow the right sized birds for your needs.

Accurate Production Planning

By continually monitoring and managing the growing phase, the system helps your production planning team make sure the right sized birds are delivered to your processing facilities at the right time to meet your sales order requirements.

Solution Modules


Determine the best breeds to optimize your livability, growth and feed conversion rates and use that information as the baseline for your future flocks.

Breeder Farms

Improving your breeding environment can lead to a significant increase in your egg production rates. Continually monitoring and managing the temperature, humidity, ammonia and other environmental factors can raise egg production by up to 4%.


By ensuring that eggs are in the optimal environmental conditions, FarmLynk users will improve their hatchery peformance. FarmLynk collects data from the hatching environment, including temperature and humidity, and allows you to achieve a higher hatch rate.

Broiler Farm

FarmLynk captures and manages data about how your birds are growing, allowing you to proactively manage your birds growth cycle in real-time for a more standardized bird size, a shorter growth cycle and improved feed conversion.

Processing Plants

FarmLynk’s product tracking and traceability features continue through your processing facilities. Flocks are tracked as they are unloaded and hung, eviscerated, chilled, cut and packaged. Comprehensive recall and audit data can be accessed within minutes through FarmLynk’s reporting and analytics tools.

Warehouse & Retailer

Whether you have on-site, off-site or third-party storage facilities, knowing how much inventory you have, where it is and how much shelf life is left is pivotal to your sales success. FarmLynk includes comprehensive warehouse management capabilities.


Product traceability continues right to the consumer’s table. FarmLynk includes the capability for the consumer to scan a QR code to see the product information such as where the bird was raised, when it was processed and much more. Build that engagement by offering recipes, promotions, coupons and much more!