Receiving & Tracking

Data Navigator begins tracking product for the food manufacturing industry the moment it arrives at your facility – or even before!

Our product receiving and tracking module can be integrated to your purchasing system so it knows what will be delivered, before it’s delivered. When product arrives, the system will track what is being delivered against what was ordered and alert the receiver of any discrepancies. The system can receive raw materials, packaging materials and dry ingredients.

As product is received it can be tracked into your facility. You can track where it was stored, for how long, when it was consumed and which batch it was consumed in, providing you complete product tracking and traceability.  If you have any questions about what our receiving and tracking module can do for you, Contact Us!

Receiving & Tracking Module Benefits


Integrate to your purchasing system for real-time updates and payment triggers


Ensure you receive all of the materials you are paying for in good condition


Complete product tracking and traceability from the moment product enters your facility


Reduce labor costs by making your receiving processes more efficient


Product Receiving

Start tracking product the minute it arrives at your receiving dock. When a delivery truck arrives, you can make sure it is in acceptable condition and the seal is not broken. Once you begin unloading the product, you can check what was received against what was ordered, alerting the receiver if product that was ordered wasn’t unloaded.

If necessary, raw materials can be weighed and labeled as they are unloaded.


Product Tracking & Traceability

Once product has been received you can begin tracking it all the way through your storage locations and production processes. If pallets or the units of inventory are not already barcode labeled with a unique serial number, they can be. As the materials are moved from one location to the next, consumed as part of your production processes or shipped before they are consumed, Data Navigator will capture and track every transaction. You’ll have a complete trail of where and when each unit of inventory went while it was in your facility.