Statistical Process Control

Data Navigator’s statistical process control (SPC) module allows you to track important attributes of the products that you manufacture to ensure you produce the highest quality and most consistent product possible. The module continually monitors for out-of-specification or out-of-control conditions and raises alerts at the station and in the back office if any are detected.

The system monitors for the most common SPC violations: one data point in the upper or lower red zones, two of three in the yellow zones, consecutive subgroup averages above or below the target value, trending up and down and many more.  If you would like to know more about our capabilities, Contact Us!

Statistical Process Control Module Benefits


Continuous monitoring of the most popular SPC rules


Real-time alerting with the option of closed loop feedback


Full suite of back office reports show statistical performance, alerts and actions in real time


Data can be integrated to third-party quality assurance systems for further analysis