Piece, Case & Pallet Labelling

Data Navigator’s piece, case and pallet labelling module brings complete control of weighing and labeling your WIP and finished goods products down to the plant floor. With a simple and intuitive operator interface and completely configurable controls, you’ll know that your product is being weighed and labeled to maximize throughput, minimize giveaway and improve yields!

Whether you’re labelling individual trays of product for case-ready retail customers, cases of product for food service or further processors, or pallets of product destined for your warehouse, Data Navigator’s labeling module are purpose built for your needs.  If you have any questions about our capabilities, Contact Us!

Labelling Module Benefits


Weigh and label each unit of inventory for accurate throughput tracking


Each unit can be uniquely and serially numbered


Barcodes can be industry-standard or customer-specific


Real-time reports show production throughput, yields, giveaway and much more

Weigh-Price Labelling

Improve the throughput and efficiency of your case ready labelling lines by optimizing product changeovers and reducing setup time!

This module allows you to weigh-price label your case ready products against your sales orders or to open inventory. When labeling against customer orders the package labels can include customer specific product, store and pricing information and UPC barcodes that are customized to your customers exact needs.

We integrate to the most trusted and reliable weigh-price labelers like Ossid, Mettler-Toledo and Ishida. For lower volume lines we can provide a lower cost manual option.


Pallet Labelling

Labelling pallets of product makes it easier to record production throughput and allows you to track product into your warehouse or onto your shipping docks.

Data Navigator’s pallet labelling module allows you to barcode label pallets once they have been stacked and wrapped and are ready to be moved to your warehouse or shipping docks. This module optionally features the ability to collect a pallet weight, to associate individual cases to a single pallet serial number, and to print customized pallet labels with sales- or customer-specific data and barcodes.

This module seamlessly integrates with the Data Navigator warehouse and shipping management module to give you receiving-to-shipping product tracking and traceability!