Solutions to improve the effectiveness
and efficiency of their production

Some of the largest pork processors in the pork industry rely on Matrix and our suite of Data Navigator, SmartForms and Navi-DASH solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their production processes. From receiving live hogs and tracking them through the slaughter process all the way through mixing, cooking and slicing deli meats, our software solutions can help at every step of the process.

The management teams of the pork processors that we work with rely on the information that our back office reports, dashboards and alerts provide. They make decisions that directly affect the profitability of their organizations and the information we present to them helps them make the best decision. And our ability to share live production data with their corporate ERP systems means that their businesses can run as efficiently as their production processes do!


Product Receiving & Tracking

If your company slaughters hogs, our slaughter line administration system can help track and trace your lots and manage your yields. If your business receives and cuts sides, our product receiving and product tracking modules can help track deliveries from the receiving dock all the way through to your cut floor and boning lines.

Product Manufacturing

As you’re grinding, blending, massaging, stuffing and cooking batches of product, our recipe management module for the pork industry can help you produce more consistent product by managing the ingredients used and when they’re added. Our SPC module can help ensure your product has the high level of quality and consistency your customers demand.

Packaging, Warehousing & Shipping

Our piece, case and pallet labeling modules helps ensure you’re packaging and labeling your finished goods accurately and with industry standard barcodes. Continue product tracking and traceability into your warehouse locations with our warehouse management system and ensure that the correct product is shipped to your customers with our shipping module.

Data Reporting, Dashboarding & Integration

Data from your manufacturing processes will be replicated to the central database in real-time. Data is translated into meaningful information and is available in reports, Navi-DASH dashboards or through real-time exception alerting. Data can also be shared with ERP and third-party data systems to provide even more value to your organization.

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