Food manufacturers face a continuous uphill battle with pressures to make high quality and safe food at an affordable price. At the best of times, they’re facing fiscal pressures from the farmers and growers, meaning that they have to be at the best at all times if they want to be profitable. Add in the emerging modernization of food safety standards, and things are going from tough to tougher. Luckily, companies like Matrix and SafetyChain are working hard to make things easier, and especially so with our latest partnership agreement!

About Matrix and SafetyChain

Matrix and SafetyChain are software companies dedicated to helping food manufacturers do a better job of making food.

Matrix Industrial Control Systems, Inc. features industry leading production management software, with a fully integrated suite of modules that provide full product tracking and traceability, recipe management, manual and automatic case labeling, and warehouse and shipping management. We help our customers increase throughput, improve yield, reduce labor costs and increase machine uptime.

SafetyChain Software, Inc. helps food companies improve productivity, profitability and compliance through proven quality assurance, food safety and supplier compliance modules. Their cloud-based solutions are architected to quickly allow food manufacturing organizations to systemize their quality assurance and food safety forms, procedures and activities. The results include better food safety compliance, improved product quality, and the highest level of responsiveness and audit readiness.

A Turnkey Solution Perfect for Food Manufacturers

In creating their partnership, Matrix and SafetyChain have created a single software solution to meet food manufacturers plant floor needs. In addition to the long list of features and benefits that each company’s platform offers, there are new advantages that make the single source solution even more powerful: production and quality data can be completely integrated to provide the plant management team with a much more comprehensive picture of what’s happening down on the plant floor, Matrix industrial PC based stations can be extended to collect more quality and food safety data, SafetyChain’s mobile devices can be extended to collect more production information, and food manufacturers can evolve their technology platform with their production management and food safety systems squarely in mind.

And these are just a few of the benefits food manufacturers can expect to benefit from. Both Matrix and SafetyChain fully expect additional benefits to emerge as we begin our collaborative partnership.

A Solutions Match Made in Food Manufacturing Heaven

Matrix will serve as a full SafetyChain reseller. We will present SafetyChain’s software as part of a holistic solution, working to identify the scope of a joint production and food safety management project. With SafetyChain’s support we will implement the solution and offer first-line support to help our customers get the highest value from the solutions that we provide.

SafetyChain offers its customers a continuous evolution to it’s software platform and will continue to deliver new and improved software functionality to all of our joint implementations.

Over the coming months and years both companies will collaborate on product development projects, leveraging each other’s expertise and experience to continually improve our industry-leading software platforms. Our customers will continue to reap the benefits of the best production and food safety management software platform in the world!

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