Warehouse & Shipping Management

Data Navigator includes a comprehensive warehouse management and shipping module that tracks individual cases or stacked pallets of product from packaging into your warehouse. Products can be put away into specific locations or generic zones – operators can choose the location themselves or the system can be configured for directed put away.

When picking product for shipping, shippers can work off paper orders and the system will simply track which pallets and cases have been shipped against each order. The system can also integrate to a shipping order system, ensuring that all orders are accurately and completely filled.  If you have any questions about our capabilities, Contact Us!

Warehouse & Shipping
Management Module Benefits


Reduce spoiled product by picking the oldest product first (FIFO)


Reduce labor costs by picking and shipping orders faster


Provides highly accurate inventory reporting


Improve order fulfillment accuracy and completeness


Comprehensive Functionality

Data Navigator’s warehouse and shipping management system features include:

– Receive and label individual cases or entire pallets
– Directed putaway based on product type, turnover rate, shelf life or other criteria
– Track product movement between locations
– Orders can be filled by multiple pickers at the same time
– Directed picking by order criteria to reduce spoiled or expired product


Sales Order Entry Integration

Data Navigator’s WMS and shipping module includes an add-on module where you can enter your sales orders and tie them to a shipping route and delivery schedule. Pickers will be directed to pick product based on customer sales orders in the system. If your organization already has a sales order entry system – perhaps as part of your corporate ERP system – order details can be integrated to save time and increasing order fulfillment accuracy.


Hardware Independent

Our warehouse and shipping management system can run on any Windows Mobile (6.0 or later) device. This means that we may be able to re-use your existing hardware to reduce the overall system cost. We typically use the Motorola-Symbol MC9000 or Intermec CK3 family of mobile PC’s with integrated barcode scanners, but we have used other Windows-based devices, too.