Our expertise in the beef industry is second to none

We’ve worked alongside some of the biggest beef processors in the beef industry, delivering data collection and process control solutions throughout the beef slaughter and cutting process that deliver significant savings to the bottom line. From receiving cattle all the way through shipping the highest quality cuts to retailers and foodservice companies, Data Navigator, SmartForms and Navi-DASH are trusted names in delivering exceptional value.

The senior production management teams of our beef processing customers lean on the real-time data and information delivered by our solutions to make informed decisions for their organizations. And our ability to integrate the data we collect to payment systems and other ERP functions delivers even more value.

Product Receiving & Tracking

If you process live cattle, our slaughter line administration system can help you track lots and individual animals through the slaughter process. If you only cut, our receiving module can help you receive your sides. Our product tracking module will track your raw materials coolers inventory at all times and provides full product tracking and traceability.

Product Manufacturing

Tracking your primals onto the cut floor, tracking your yields and making sure you cut the right product to meet your sales order requirements is of paramount importance to your business. Our product tracking module will make sure the right raw materials are released to the cut floor and yields are acceptable. It also provides product tracking and traceability.

Packaging, Warehousing & Shipping

Data Navigator’s product labeling modules help you pack and label pieces, cases and pallets of finished goods inventory accurately and with industry standard barcodes. Continue product tracking and traceability into your warehouse storage locations with our warehouse management system (WMS) and ensure shipping accuracy with our shipping module.

Data Reporting, Dashboarding & Integration

Data from your manufacturing processes will be replicated to the central database in real-time. Data is translated into meaningful information and is available in reports, Navi-DASH dashboards or through real-time exception alerting. Data can also be shared with ERP and third-party data systems to provide even more value to your ERP organization.

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