Technology in the Food Manufacturing Industry

The Evolution of Technology in the Food Manufacturing Industry

Technology has never evolved at a pace as fast as what we see today, and the rate of evolution will only continue to accelerate in the future. We use smart phones to control our homes, smart watches to monitor our health, and autonomous smart vehicles to deliver goods across the country. We’re already starting to see the influx of technology in the food manufacturing industry. More and more producers and turning to technology and automation to help them increase throughput, reduce labor costs and increase profitability.

Evolution of technology in the food manufacturing industry

The Emergence of the Smart Factory

smart factory technology in the food manufacturing industry

Robotics, automation and artificial intelligence are becoming commonplace in your factories. More and more food producers are relying less on humans and trust machines to handle, process, package and transport the products they manufacture. While investing in technology can be perceived as expensive, companies that invest in the right technologies benefits from significant labor savings, production up-time and higher throughput. These leading organizations see immediate returns on their technology investments but have also broken through several barriers that have previously limited growth.

Data Driven Decision Making

What’s better than making the right decision? Making the right decision at the right time every time! Here at Matrix Industrial Control Systems, data collection software and item tracking are what we specialize in.  Collecting, integrating and analyzing production data in real-time is the life blood of a successful food manufacturer. Put accurate and real-time production information in the hands of the right people and empower them take your business to new heights!  Read our Customer Testimonials to see what our customers think of our custom software solutions!

data driven decision making in the food manufacturing industry

Connecting the Many Technologies on Your Plant Floor

With unmatched integration and connectivity options, Matrix Data Navigator suite is your best option for combining different plant floor technologies into one cohesive solution.  We are capable of integrating into your existing hardware to save you equipment costs.  View our The Technology page to learn more on our capabilities and what we have integrated to in the past.  Alternatively, Contact Us to find out how we can increase throughput, reduce labor costs and increase profitability for your company.

data navigator food manufacturing industry