Meat Industry

Manage production in real-time, detecting and resolving potential issues before they evolve into costly downtime or spoiled product.

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Poultry Industry

From the hanging lines all the way through to shipping. Our systems help manage throughputs, yields and product tracking and traceability from dock to dock!

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Dairy Industry

Data Navigator, Smart Forms and Navi-DASH fit seamlessly into the cheese manufacturing process and many large cheese producers rely on our products as the backbone of their cheese manufacturing operations.

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Bakery Industry

Our proven solutions bring a real and measurable return on investment. Real time tracking of raw materials produce a more consistent and higher quality product that your customers expect.

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Fish Industry

Our innovative software delivers exceptional value to our fish processing customers who lean on the real-time data to make informed decisions for their organizations.

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Information Management

Our customers use the data and information collected by our software solutions to make informed decisions to improve their production processes.

At their core, our solutions are focused on delivering real-time data and meaningful information to the production management teams within our client’s organizations.
All of the data that is collected by the various stations within our software solutions is replicated to a back office central database.
It is available in real-time production management reports, integrated to ERP and third-party data systems, can be connected to our Navi-DASH dashboards and can be analyzed for exceptions to trigger real-time alerts.

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Our Food Safety Software is a best-of-breed audit and compliance solution that utilizes mobile data collection and program automation to make it faster and easier for food and beverage companies to ensure compliance with regulatory, GFSI and customer requirements.

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