QA Data Collection – Sunk Cost or Gold Mine of Information?

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There’s no escaping quality assurance in the food manufacturing industry. And rightly so: with the catastrophic effects of contaminants like E. coli, listeria and Salmonella, foreign materials from production equipment and undeclared allergens, it’s no wonder food manufacturing quality assurance teams across the world spend thousands of hours each year collecting, sorting and analyzing food quality data. But with the progression of technology, you can reduce the cost and increase effectiveness of data collection in your facility.

Changing the landscape of production & safety management for food manufacturers


Food manufacturers face a continuous uphill battle with pressures to make high quality and safe food at an affordable price. At the best of times, they’re facing fiscal pressures from the farmers and growers, meaning that they have to be at the best at all times if they want to be profitable. Add in the emerging modernization of food safety standards, and things are going from tough to tougher. Luckily, companies like Matrix and SafetyChain are working hard to make things easier, and especially so with our latest partnership agreement!

Matrix adds Freddy Mortensen to Management Team

freddy mortensen

It’s not every day that you get to bring a superstar on board, but that’s just what Jim Wilson at Matrix Industrial Control Systems got to do recently when he welcomed industry icon Freddy Mortensen to the Matrix team. Few people in the meat processing industry are as well-known and respected as Freddy, and with knowledge and experience that few can match, Matrix’s consulting services offering just significantly increased in both range and depth.

How Much Time do you Waste Managing Barcode Label Designs?


Barcode case labeling is one of the most important stages in the food manufacturing process – it’s the basis of warehousing, shipping, recalls and audits. Food manufacturing companies spend countless hours managing barcode labels to remain compliant with customer requirements and the USDA or CFIA. The benefits of a good label management system include allowing you to manage your tray, case and pallet barcode labels efficiently and effectively while remaining in full compliance.